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Shameika D. Testimonial

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Selling a Diamond Selling a Diamond

Question:  How did you find out about iValue Lab?

Answer: Google


Question: In 1-3 sentences, please, explain what was the reason for selling your jewelry?

Answer: I was never able to wear it much. The diamond was too big for my finger which made it uncomfortable for me to wear. It was a beautiful ring and my husband did an amazing just picking it out, but it just didn’t work for me.


Question: Did you feel any apprehension working with iValue Lab?

Answer: I did at first, but Sonia, the lady that worked with me was amazing and put me at ease.


Question: Could you describe the process? Are you happy with the results? 

Answer: The process was fast and simple. I got more than what I expected to get so that’s always a plus! 


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