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iValue Lab partners Dan Raz and Adi Dvir have an extensive background in the retail plus wholesale diamond profession, as well as engagement rings and diamond jewelry selling in the retail business. Dan, having been in the industry for 15+ years, has joined forces with Adi, who has been in the family business about the same amount of time, as a second-generation diamond dealer.

With their combined 30+ years of experience and background in both wholesale and retail markets, Dan and Adi leverage their history and breadth of experience with iValue Lab  to provide you with quality care and a risk-free process for selling your diamonds and diamond jewelry.

Before iValue Lab’s risk-free and fully insured process for selling your diamonds, when looking to sell a diamond or selling a ring, selling jewelry, watches or bracelets; you would have needed to shop a diamond around your local diamond market. This old process is incredibly time consuming, and even if you do commit to the traditionally lengthy process, local shops will often low-ball your offer in an attempt to move their own inventory faster, thus creating a frustrating situation in which you may feel vulnerable and dissatisfied.

If that weren’t enough of a turn off to the traditional process of selling a diamond, the offers that are being made by most of these local shops are by lesser experienced professionals who may make mistakes in the evaluation of your diamond. Those local shops will likely not study the stones to the full extent of their potential, nor are they able to reach all of the necessary wholesale and retail channels to provide you with a fair value.

Born from this insight, as well as the immense weight of their combined experience, Dan and Adi saw the opportunity to revolutionize the industry with iValue Lab.

“We try to convey as a team, and as a whole (company), dignity, respect, and customer service throughout the whole process”. As Dan has shared time and time again, “I know the delicate situation and the amount of trust that needs to be communicated and the amount of dignity that needs to be handled in every circumstance, so at iValue Lab  we are always doing our best to provide fair market value to the clients from around the world who contact us when selling a diamond.”

“Everyone on our team (the evaluators, sales team and gemologists) are truly fighting for a more “fair” evaluation of each diamond that comes through our lab, meaning a higher value for you.  At iValue Lab, we have a rich portfolio of companies and first-class partners within our network that allows us to cut out the inefficient middleman and purchase your diamonds directly, thus maximizing the offer we extend to you.”

If you have ever considered selling a diamond or selling rings, jewelry, watches or bracelets; then you are not alone!

Naturally, there is a very broad range of reasons why someone may need iValue Lab’s services. Perhaps you’ve owned an item for a very long time and simply don’t wear it anymore; so instead of letting it just sit in the drawer, you could use the money from selling your diamond in a better way. Some people may find themselves with an inherited diamond piece (or multiple items) which doesn’t have enough sentimental value to keep, or wouldn’t otherwise get enough use from the item, and would prefer to cash out.

There are also scenarios involving items that once held happy memories such as engagement jewelry or gifts, which through a series of hardships, are no longer sentimental or desired.

Perhaps there is simply a stronger financial need for hard cash over diamond items that overcome the sentimental value they hold.

Whatever your reason may be, there are most definitely others like you who have sold diamonds to iValue Lab  and received risk-free, high-value appraisals and payments in exchange for their diamonds.

The process for selling your diamond to iValue Lab  could not be smoother, faster, or more convenient! To begin, you will be asked to provide documentation for a diamond you are looking to sell (for example, an independent laboratory certificate and/or appraisal) to IValue Lab. Then IValue Lab will provide you with a range of estimated offers as a pre-appraisal, within 24 hours.

If you are satisfied with the potential range of estimate offers you may receive when you sell your diamond, you will then ship your diamond to iValue Lab with our fully-insured shipping method, and our expert in-house gemologists will assess the diamond and provide you with a final offer for purchase (between 2-24 hours after receipt of the shipment) – if you accept, you will receive your payment within 24 hours!

The payment is provided via PayPal payment, wire transfer, or overnight check (note: for offers exceeding $25K, the PayPal option is not available).  This whole process is conducted virtually and in the comfort of your own home. However, if you are in a market area where an iValue Lab affiliate location is available, then you have the option to visit them in-person for the valuation of your diamond or jewelry.

You may be interested to learn that, of the items that are shipped and evaluated at the lab, a deal is struck about 90% of the time. Because the assessment process includes a transparent range of potential offers with both a minimum and maximum potential value, we give you a fair range for how much your diamond may be purchased by iValue Lab. In fact, 95% of the time, we offer more than the minimum assessment!

If you are looking for a quick, safe, and easy way to sell your diamond ring and jewelry online, then begin the online appraisal process now. And if you are curious about the process, or have additional questions, please call the experts at iValue toll-free at 844-879-5543.

“Call us today, we are here to provide you with a risk-free, easy, and fast way to sell your diamonds, and we look forward to working together with you!”

iValue Lab, your trusted diamond jewelry buyers with 30+ years of industry expertise!

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