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Selling jewelry

Sometimes our personal circumstances require that we make sacrifices that we don’t want to, such as selling jewelry that we have an emotional attachment to. iValue Lab is here to help you during this difficult time.

We offer a pleasant and worry-free experience when you are selling jewelry which is all you can ask for when you are trusting a company with your precious bracelets, earrings or necklaces. We understand that sometimes our customers are selling their engagement rings and wedding bands. Our goal is to make this experience as pain free as possible.

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Selling a ring

Sometimes, we are not feeling sentimental towards all our jewelry. Maybe you have a ring sitting in your jewelry box and not being worn, instead of being used to finance a vacation or go towards a long need home renovation. Whatever your personal reason may be, call iValue Lab and let us help you with selling a ring that you have lost your emotional connection to this asset.

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Selling a diamond

Society would have you believe that diamonds are forever and that it is much more than a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is often a symbol of a lifelong commitment or where you stand in society due to the size of the diamond. We at iValue Lab know differently. We are here if you have decided that selling a diamond is what is best for you!

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sell jewelry

A great way to honor someone who has given you a bracelet or ring, but you find you no longer wear it is to sell jewelry to someone who will appreciate this gift. iValue Lab will put money in your bank account that is always better than jewelry sitting in a box somewhere.

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Sell a ring

iValue Lab is a great place to take your precious jewelry when you want to sell a ring or other gems. If you have a precious stone to sell, there is no other company better prepared to bring you the highest price for the sale of your diamond.

You will enjoy a free, simple and very fast service with iValue Lab, which offers a no fees, no fuss approach to evaluating your jewelry when you are looking to sell a ring. We promise to offer the highest prices and guarantee no hidden charges, commissions or other deductions.

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Sell a Diamond

There are many reasons that someone would like to sell their precious diamonds. A divorce, financial circumstances change or just the desire to sell jewelry that you no longer feel the same attachment, iValue Lab is the professional diamond company for you. They are one of America’s leading independent purchasers of fine estate jewelry. There are no professionals better trained to sell your diamond.

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Ring Buyers

iValue Lab is known as one of the premium ring buyers you can rely on when looking to sell your precious gems. We offer a team of highly regarded gemologists that have over 20 years in the diamond industry. We have had an online presence since 2017 and we promise to bring the highest level of customer service to the transaction.

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Jewelry Buyers

There are many reasons you may choose to sell your precious gems. You might be looking to take your abandoned jewelry and turning it into cash, or sell an item that you once loved, and using the money for a special trip or buying jewelry you will wear. Whatever the reason, reach out to the jewelry buyers at iValue Lab that will help you sell in a smart way.

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Diamond Buyers

Have you been holding onto a valuable piece of jewelry that you are not sure where to sell it in order to get the best price? Let iValue Lab, one of the top diamond buyers in the industry will offer you the best price that the market offers. We know that selling luxury jewelry is a great option for you when someone is ready to part with treasures that you no longer wear.

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