About Ivalue Lab

Ivalue Lab is America’s leading independent purchasers of diamonds and fine estate jewelry. We are directly connected to the international diamond markets. When you sell to Ivalue Lab you are guaranteed:


  • An established company with over 20 years of experience
  • Presale cleaning and repair in the Ivalue Laboratory
  • Marketplace prices for your diamonds and jewelry
  • Professional appraisals by in-house gemologists
  • Customer service and support



Rapid and safe sale of Diamonds online in ivalue

Wondering how to sell emotionally significant family jewelry, or an old engagement or wedding ring? Concerned with the hassle, the danger and the investment of time required to make the sale? Worried about not being pressured into accepting an unfair price?

Ivalue is the home your diamonds are looking for

Ivalue offers a rapid, fair, professional and risk-free venue where you can sell your diamond. As one America’s leading independent purchasers of diamonds and fine estate jewelry, I Value is directly connected to the international diamond markets and can therefore offer you full market value for your diamond and Jewelry, as determined by the professional appraisals of in-house gemologists.

Furthermore, the Ivalue laboratory will perform presale cleaning and repair for your jewelry, guaranteeing you the best possible price.

How does it work?

There is no spending hours and days trudging between pawnshops or meeting up with strangers while carrying your precious diamonds when you do business with ivalue. Just complete a simple valuation form, get an offer within 24 hours based on market conditions, schedule a free FedEx collection and then receive your money within 24 hours.



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Ivalue Lab's Service - No Fees, No Fuss

The Ivalue Lab service is free, simple and very fast. We offer the highest prices and guarantee no hidden charges, commissions or other deductions when you choose to sell your jewelry.

Our service is fully secured and everything is documented and insured.

Receive a serious offer within 1 hour
Rapid appraisal by expert gemologists
Free collection and insured shipping by FedEx
Quick payments with a choice of payment methods

The Ivalue Lab

The secure Ivalue Lab is located at our New York HQ and is staffed by a team of expert gemologists, technicians, and appraisers. Our team has well over 100 years of experience between them in the field of gemology and the diamond industry. Our lab works around the clock to conduct thorough appraisals, polish, and service.

Ivalue Lab utilizes the latest technology and equipment and is highly respected for its facilities, resources, and expertise.

We have instant access to the world’s diamond databases and can check diamond certification in just seconds.

Ivalue Lab is not a Pawnbroker

At Ivalue Lab, we pay attention to customer feedback. One recurring theme is how much our clients appreciate not having to sell their diamonds, rings and jewelry to a pawnbroker or local jewelers. Even when pawnbroker’s shops are situated in business districts or safe neighborhoods, they’re never particularly pleasant places to visit. Nobody wants to receive an insultingly low offer for a piece of personal jewelry, or to stand and haggle with a store owner.

Ivalue Lab is a modern online service that respects its clients. We guarantee you a fair and objective appraisal, an honest price, and the high standards of personal service with the privacy that you expect.

Cut Out the Middleman

Local jewelers and pawnbrokers often lack professional expertise, knowledge, and technology to provide top quality service to people who want to sell their diamonds and jewelry.

Ivalue lab is directly linked to the world’s biggest diamond markets in the industry. Therefore, we can give high cash offers that actually reflect current market prices. It’s not only more convenient to cut out the middleman and deal directly with Ivalue Lab - it’s also a lot more profitable!

The Ivalue Guarantee

Ivalue Lab is an online service that operates with low overheads and buys thousands of items a week. We keep our costs low as possible and share these savings with our customers. We will also clean and service your diamonds and jewelry, raising their value closer to the original purchase price.



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When you sell to Ivalue Lab, you are guaranteed a better deal than any pawnbroker or local jeweler will offer.
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