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What Sellers Are Saying About iValue Lab

New personal circumstances sometimes require sacrifices, but they can also present a great opportunity to break free from the past. See how some of IValue Lab's sellers took steps to convert their

"I have been taking my ring around 2 different pawn shops and jewelry stores, trying to get some money out of it.... then I found iValue Lab on the internet"

Jamie Allen

"customer service is phenomenal, communication is great, they provided updates the entire time on what going on. So, I am definitely satisfied with the entire transaction, we will do it again! thank you"

Nicole Rinc

“The customer service representative who answered was professional, patient, and gave me the confidence to sell my bracelet."


"I am happy to say that my experience was pleasant and Worry Free, and i got a nice some of money for my jewelry, I received wonderful service. They were very pleasant, reliable and trustable"

kitty sold her diamond bracelet fast and safe.

“I got a very fair price for the watch and had the money in my account the same week. iValue Lab gave a top-notch service. I'd recommend them to anyone!”


"iValue Lab's customer service offered me an initial price and the final the price was surprisingly the same as the first. Very satisfied!"

Steve - Edison

“After I got divorced I decided to sell my jewelry. I wanted to move on emotionally and the extra cash was also useful. iValue Lab really was fantastic - all the way! ”

Lauren – Montgomery

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