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Best Place to Sell Your Diamond Ring!

The tradition of giving an engagement ring to your loved one originated in Rome as a sign of ownership. They originally did not contain diamonds. Diamonds gained popularity in the 1940's. As times changed diamond rings became a symbol of Love, faithfulness and commitment.

For some people, letting go of their diamond rings can be overwhelming and sorrowful. And for others it is a relief. You might be looking to sell engagement ring after divorce or maybe you just need some cash for diamond ring. Regardless of the reason, we respect your emotions and decisions.

We Are Buying Your Diamond Ring Online!

iValue Lab has made it possible for you to Sell your engagement rings for instant cash.

When you go around looking for trusted diamond ring buyers, you might find some who will be interested in purchasing either the diamond or the setting. Just give us a phone call because we can purchase it all!

Do You Purchase Diamond Bands?

YES WE DO! It's not only the diamond engagement rings that we buy. If you want to sell wedding bands please don't hesitate to contact us. At our Lab you can find best value of your ring.

Although you purchase diamond bands at a much higher price from jewelry stores, unfortunately it is extremely difficult to resell it for a high value. The reason is that jewelry stores work with huge margins whilst the market value is much lower. Hence diamond buyers are unable to purchase it for a high amount. We try to be as fair as possible to keep our clients happy.

Where Can I Sell Diamond Ring?

The best place to sell wedding ring might not be the store you bought it from, as you might end up with a trade offer. Neither an auction site as it could take months to receive the cash. To obtain the best resale value of gemstones rings you shouldn't have to hold back. You should have an option to sell it right away without the long wait. That is what we opt for. And we hope you find your way to us!

What is my Diamond Ring Worth?

Diamond prices fluctuate in the economy, much like the prices of other high-end goods. Diamonds' values fluctuate; sometimes they rise, sometimes they fall. Regardless, pre-owned diamonds are somewhat less expensive than new diamonds. In most circumstances, the resale value of a diamond is 20-60% of the initial purchase price.

A 1 carat diamond costs between $1,800 and $12,00. A quality diamond, on the other hand, is more than just its size. When determining stone value, the four c's of diamond quality – color, cut, clarity, and carat – are always taken into account.

Where it was purchased and how much it cost. If you decide to sell your ring, you may expect to get between 25 and 45 percent of its original retail price. Remember that major retail jewelry stores have larger markups and always provide a cheaper price than tiny local jewelry stores.

How can I Sell my Diamond Ring for Most Money?

Online stores like iValue Labs or pawn shops can help sell your diamond ring.

Some of the best places to sell it and get the best deal out of it are:

Consignment shops: Many consignment shops sell diamonds, but selling in consignment shops can be very time-consuming, probably months to finalize the deal. A consignment shop has a good possibility of getting the best value of your diamond ring, but they also take their share from that amount reducing your margin for sale.

Jewelry Stores: Multiple jewelry stores are interested in purchasing second-hand diamonds in excellent condition. Depending on the quality of the diamond, you have the best possibility of getting the highest price from these stores. Generally, these stores purchase second-hand diamonds wholesale to maximize their profit.

Connect with iValue Labs to get the best price for your diamond ring and certify our customer eccentric services.

Do Diamond Rings hold their Value?

Yes, diamond rings do hold their value but never completely. If you are going to resell a diamond ring, you must always remember that you will get a price quote lesser than what you paid as the cost price for the ring. You should avoid going to unauthentic sources like Pawn shops or unverified jewelry stores with bad customer reviews. There are chances that you will end up finalizing a deal where you are getting a price much lesser than the current expected price of that diamond ring in the resale market.

Try to sell your diamond ring yourself, and do not pass it to any third property for being sold. Doing it yourself will let you consume all the selling price yourself without any share of the third party, and also, you will be able to search and opt for the best pricing options.

Can I Sell my Diamond Wedding Ring after Divorce?

Yes, it is completely legal to sell your diamond ring after divorce. There is no right or wrong in selling your diamond ring after divorce. It is mainly about your mental state. Suppose you want to do it or do it because of some pressure from friends and family. If you are ready to sell the diamond ring and have completely moved on from the past relationship, then selling the wedding ring will not cause any mental chaos.

Never sell your diamond wedding ring in a moment of anxiety or anger. Take your time to properly think and understand what is your internal state and when you are sure about it, you can go to sell away the diamond wedding ring, and if you are not ready, take your time and wait until your conscience allows it.

How can I Sell my old Diamond Engagement Rings?

There are a few simple steps you can follow to sell your diamond engagement rings:

1. Get a grading certificate from a reliable lab: This will help you get clarity about the quality of a diamond. The certifications prove that the diamond fits in cut, color, weight, and stone clarity. These certificates will help you get a fair price for your diamond rings. You can get your diamond ring tested and sold in iValue Labs because we provide the best resting and the best price options. You can connect with us using the information provided on the website.

2. Seeking help from iValue Lab: Once you are done with the certification of your old diamond engagement ring, the next step is to contact iValue Lab. With us, you are going to get the best value for your old diamond engagement rings.

Can I get a refund on an Engagement Ring?

A facility provides returns and refunds for engagement rings. All engagement rings can be returned in 30 days from the date of purchase for refund, credit, or exchange. The rings must be in proper condition with no damage and original state. The ring should not have been compromised on any parameter. Getting a refund for your engagement ring will require you to present all the documents made at the time of purchase and the certifications provided with the ring.

You must have the sales receipt or the invoice when you are looking forward to returning your engagement ring. After 30 days, it cannot be refunded, but it can be sold again at a lower price than the cost price as a final option. Reselling will probably give you 50% of the original purchase value for the engagement ring.

What can I do with my old Wedding Ring?

When it is regarding your old wedding ring, then there are many options that you can prefer. If you and your partner have got mutually separated and you do not want to keep the wedding ring anymore, you can prefer selling it and making some cash. Use that money to start a new journey. If money doesn’t attract you, then you can donate the cash to the needy. You can even keep the ring with you and pass it down to your sons and daughters.

You even have the option to transform your old diamonds into a completely new jewelry piece. This can be a pendant, earrings, or necklace. Are you searching for a jeweler to repurpose diamonds or gemstones for making a beautiful custom design? Then the most reputable jewelry store can assist in repurposing your old jewelry, or transform a ring into a fine-looking necklace.

Who gets Wedding Ring after Divorce?

During a divorce, both the partners are aware that their mutual possessions will be divided as per the agreement. At times, during a marriage that is short-term, the engagement ring of the wife can be among the most precious property. It can even have a good sentimental worth, particularly if it has been given by parents/grandparents or has been in the family of the husband for ages.

In such instances, either partner might put a high worth on the wedding ring and be eager to make great compromises while it is about dividing mutual possessions and debts to recover them. In a nutshell, wedding rings are seen as the individual possessions of the receiving partner. Wedding rings or other pieces of jewelry bought in the marriage are also seen as the individual possessions. It can be complicated to find out the difference between individual possessions and mutual possessions. Thus, it is best to reach out to a family lawyer and talk about your situation.

How much can I Sell my Wedding Ring for?

A great amount of value for wedding rings with one main gemstone is attached to that stone. The size of the stone, its type, cut, and quality are all important factors that’ll assist you in finding out the correct value of the wedding ring. Since all these factors affect the resale value of the ring, usually, you can expect to attain 20 to 45 percent of the price you have paid for it earlier. The value of your wedding ring will be impacted by their markup if you sell it to a local jewelry store. Besides selling the rings to local jewelers or pawn shops, you can choose other options like iValueLab.

The rings aging between 20 and 100 years are called “vintage�?, and due to this fact, they can have an affirmative impact on its value. Jewelry pieces that are over 100 years old are considered antique, and that tag will make them more worthy.

How to Sell a Diamond Ring without Papers?

There may be a time in your life where you wish to transform into something more unique and trendy. Change in style is a natural tendency, and trends are everlastingly moving on and returning into fashion. You may get a feeling that your diamond ring no longer suits your style anymore. So, you may want to make an alteration or sell it for money. There can be other reasons to sell your diamonds, for example, a divorce.

You can sell your diamond ring even if you do not have any certification. But, you might end up receiving less. This is because the certificate is a proof that confirms ownership, gives clarification that the diamond is authentic, and ensures the diamond’s quality. There are many places where you can sell your uncertified diamond ring. You can prefer selling your diamonds without papers to iValueLab, one of the most reputed and genuine diamond dealers.

What is the Resale Value of Solitaire Ring?

Want to figure out the resale value of your solitaire ring? Prior to finding out the resale value of a diamond, it is important to know a bit about how they are valued. A diamond is valued on the basis of 4 major criteria. These include diamond cut, clarity, colour, and carat. To find out a diamond’s resale value, you have to first ensure that you are aware of how its clarity, cut, and color is evaluated.

Look for specialists to get your solitaire diamond ring evaluated. An evaluation is only a paper that cites how much the market value of a jewelry piece is.

There are certain things that may impact the resale value of your solitaire diamond ring. Whom you are looking to sell your jewelry is one factor that plays a crucial role in increasing or decreasing the value of your diamonds. You can visit a local jeweler, or any pawnbroker to sell your diamonds at a good market price.

Can I Sell a Ring for Its appraised Value?

The short answer is you cannot sell a ring for its appraised value. An appraisal is a document that helps in describing the given worth of your diamond ring. This counts the diamond, the setting, as well as other gemstones. The jewelers and expert appraisers give these value evaluations.

The appraisal does not signify the actual worth of the ring. For instance, if a Halo diamond ring is bought for 4582 Dollars, it would possibly be evaluated at 9164 Dollars, which is double the initial price.

As you primarily get your appraisal, it might look as if you achieved an amazing deal. But both the jeweler and insurer will get the advantage of the lofty appraisal.

The appraisers will go through a lot of things to estimate the value of a diamond jewelry piece. They’ll surely keep in mind the metal value of the setting, the carat weight of the diamond, the quality of the diamond, etc

Where can I Sell my Ring for a good Price?

A vast majority of engagement rings come with diamonds. To sell your engagement ring for money, you can choose to visit iValue Lab. Always remember that the jewelers will be seeking to make some earnings on anything they purchase and might not offer you a good market value.

iValueLab can be a great alternative to choose from if you want to sell an engagement ring in no time. We will offer you a good market value. Also, our industry experts make the procedure simple and speedy. You can rely on us and our experts as they have great expertise in buying and selling old diamond rings, as well as other valuables.

Online selling platforms like iValueLab will expect you to settle on a price at the beginning. Therefore, you will need to make up your mind on how much you are willing to agree to.

How can I Sell my Ring?

Regardless of the cause, selling a wedding or engagement ring can be very touching as you have a lot of feelings attached to it. The reasons can be a breakup, divorce, or any financial problem that forced you to sell the jewelry piece.

If you have finally decided to sell your wedding ring, you have to first do in-depth research about which is the right venue to sell the ring. To have the most lucrative deal, you can count on iValueLab. Our team will assist you with each step that comes in the way.

Apart from that, it is crucial to know the value of diamonds. The experts will be able to figure out the actual worth of your engagement or wedding ring by looking at some of its main features. These include diamond cut, carat weight, colour, or clarity. You can even call them the 4 Cs. Besides the 4 Cs, diamond’s shape is also an important feature to think about.

Do Rings depreciate in Value?

Yes, the value of rings depreciates when you leave the store; the value of diamond rings goes down. But if we talk about gold, then the gold ring never depreciates, but if it has any specific design, then the making charge will be deducted at the time of resale. The market of gold is completely unpredictable.

Furthermore, you can expect to get a good percentage of the gold ring approx 60% to 80% when you think about selling it.

But there are many websites where you can easily get your old ring's best resale value and deliver the payment within 24 hours. The same iValuelab is one of the websites where you will get the best high-value appraisal. You will get your payment within 24 hours, and we have different payment methods. The best thing about our website is that you can also resell your watches, bracelets, and many other things. We have a very simple process for their clients for selling their rings or other jewelry.

Can you make a new Ring out of an old Ring?

Yes, you can make a new ring out of an old ring. Whether gold or diamonds, you will get a new ring out of an old one. But, in some cases, it is quite difficult because diamonds cut and get into the shape and making the new ring from old depends upon the size and shape of the diamond. But, in the case of gold, you can easily get the new ring from the old ring. Even more, you can make the new design by adding extra gold.

You also took the diamond from the old ring and fixed it into the new ring. Mostly, people prefer the new ring with old gemstone. And, if you are looking to restyle your rings, we iValue lab offers you the best deal and reshape your ring with full safety under the best prices. And we provide the best customer service to our clients.

How much does It cost to get Ring appraised?

Well, the cost to get your old ring appraised will depend upon the design and style. And, this thing varies from different jewelers. Generally, jewelry appraisals cost $75-$100. Some appraisers charge flat rates per item or hour, while others offer discounts if you have many things to appraise.

Mostly, it takes only 20-30 minutes to get the appraisal. You can also discuss with your gemologist to give your appraisal diamond ring in front of you. If you are a regular customer of that jewelry shop, some jewelry will appraise your ring free of cost.

The ring's appraisal usually depends on the market value of the piece. The appraisal gives you detailed information about your ring's color, weight, and clarity of the diamonds.

Nowadays, you can easily get your ring appraisal done online, and many websites offer the best price for it. We, atiValue lab also did this for our customers from our in-house gemologist.

How do I Estimate the Value of my Ring?

Now you can easily estimate the value of your rings and get to know about the ring's value. You can also check the value of your rings online and decide whether you are ready to sell them or not. Many websites provide this for their visitors. If you have a diamond ring, you can easily check the estimated value of your ring by checking the price of the diamond on google with the same carat weight, color grades, and cut.

And if you want the best offer for your ring, you can connect with iValue lab, and we will offer the best price. Here, you can also sell your old ring in very rice and pay within 24 hours. And you can also redesign your old ring into a new ring with the new design. Moreover, many other factors include when you are looking to get the estimated value of your ring.

Can I Sell My Diamond Ring Without Certificate?

The short answer is yes. You can sell a diamond ring even if you don’t possess any papers. In case you face any trouble selling your ring, then the ideal solution to this would be to get your jewelry certified. This will raise the odds of it getting sold at a higher price.

At iValueLab, we can assist you to receive the best resale value for your diamond ring. We understand how tough it is to sell uncertified diamonds. We can get your diamond jewelry certified, leaving you stress-free about getting certification.

The experts at iValueLab can evaluate your diamond ring in the most professional manner. We provide the most excellent evaluation procedure if you are selling your diamond jewelry without certification.

How to Sell Engagement Ring after Divorce?

Planning to sell an engagement ring after getting separated from your partner? There are lots of monetary and emotional costs of selling an engagement ring following a divorce. While seeking to sell your ring, you have plenty of alternatives. iValueLab is one of those alternatives that you can choose to sell your engagement ring after divorce.

To sell your engagement ring online, you must fill up a form providing all the info about the ring. An agent will contact you later on to give an initial price range. With iValueLab, you can sell your engagement ring in no time, and get a fair price for your valuable items. Connect with our expert team to know more about our services and what kind of jewelry pieces we deal in.

Who legally owns an Engagement Ring after Divorce?

There are numerous laws imposed by the government on the possession of engagement rings post-divorce. As per the laws, the engagement ring will be possessed by the wife if the husband is liable for the separation. Considering this, the majority rule is generally applicable to the engagement phase prior to the marriage. For instance, in case the about-to-be husband’s betrayal results in the engagement breakup, the ring remains with the other partner. This rule applies even if he had paid for the ring.

It may surprise you, but an engagement ring can be seen as compensation provided if both partners agree. For instance, a prospective wife might give her time and money to commence a business start-up with her soon-to-be husband.

Within the compensation, the about-to-be husband presents an expensive engagement ring. The woman is likely to get the ring as it was a segment of the compensation, in case the marriage or engagement is broken.

What to do with Wedding Ring after Divorce

Are you thinking about getting separated and ending your marriage relationship? If yes, then you may be wondering what to do with the jewelry pieces that you received at the time of your wedding. You can do several things with your wedding ring following the divorce. You can expect to gain about 50 percent of the overall retail value of your wedding ring if you sell it. Make sure that you have a look at the platinum or gold price prior to selling your wedding or engagement ring.

Besides selling the jewelry piece, you can even visit a local jeweler and have it redesigned. At iValueLab, you can have your wedding ring upgraded or converted into a different jewelry piece. You can even hand down the wedding ring to your children after the divorce. Many also believe that it is bad luck to pass the wedding ring to the daughter or son as the marriage did not last for long.

What do you do with an Engagement Ring after Breakup?

It can be tough to deal with the consequences of a broken engagement. Ending any relationship is not very easy, no matter what the reason was. In order to include more relief to the situation, lots of couples face difficulty in accepting who attains the ring following the breakup.

There are different sets of rules formed by different states on the ownership of engagement rings after the breakup. In some states, an engagement ring is viewed as an indirect conditional gift. It signifies that if the engagement breaks off by the gift giver, the gift receiver can keep the engagement ring.

If you get to keep the engagement ring after the breakup, you can do lots of things with it. You can simply keep it inside a drawer or a safe for years without taking it out. The ring is a symbol of an unsuccessful relationship for lots of individuals. Some decide to sell it and make the most of the money they receive.

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