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How do I Sell my Rings, Diamonds and Jewelry?

Complete the simple online valuation form
2 Minutes
Get a fast offer based on current market prices
24 hours
day 1
Schedule your free FedEx pickup
1 Hour
Receive your money within 24 hours
24 Hours
day 2

93% of IvalueLab users receive a high offer within 1 hour - it’s really that simple!

Rapid and safe sale of Diamonds online in ivaluelab

Wondering how to sell emotionally significant family jewelry, or an old engagement or wedding ring? Concerned with the hassle, the danger and the investment of time required to make the sale? Worried about not being pressured into accepting an unfair price?

Ivaluelab is the home your diamonds are looking for

Ivalue offers a rapid, fair, professional and risk-free venue where you can sell your diamond. As one America’s leading independent purchasers of diamonds and fine estate jewelry, IValuelab is directly connected to the international diamond markets and can therefore offer you full market value for your diamond and Jewelry, as determined by the professional appraisals of in-house gemologists.

Furthermore, the Ivaluelab laboratory will perform presale cleaning and repair for your jewelry, guaranteeing you the best possible price.

How does it work?

There is no spending hours and days trudging between pawnshops or meeting up with strangers while carrying your precious diamonds when you do business with ivaluelab. Just complete a simple valuation form, get an offer within 24 hours based on market conditions, schedule a free FedEx collection and then receive your money within 24 hours.




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The Advantages of IVALUE

When IvalueLab got started, we identified four key requirements that all our users want to see before they decide to sell their jewelry and diamonds: simplicity, security, service, and speed. We meet all these requirements - and guarantee you a competitive offer based on today’s market prices!


Sell your Jewelry the Easy Way!

It takes just minutes to complete your online valuation form. Ivalue Lab will contact you shortly afterward with an offer. If you like the price and decide to sell, we’ll schedule a time for a FedEx courier to collect your items for shipping to the Ivalue Lab. This service is totally free.


Our Service Guarantees Peace of Mind

The Ivalue Lab is staffed with expert jewelers. Our appraisals are fast, thorough and highly professional. Ivalue Lab's customer service staff is very experienced and ensures that all transactions flow smoothly. Contact us at any time to check the status of your items or payment and to find out more about the Ivalue Lab's service.


Free Insurance on your Jewelry Shipment

Our free FedEx service is fully insured and uses secure delivery procedures. 

  • The Ivalue Lab films the receipt and opening of all jewelry packages to protect your security and prevent mix-ups.
  • The Ivalue Lab is protected by the diamond industry’s leading security systems and our staff is highly vetted.



Sell your Diamonds and Jewelry for Cash

Most Ivalue Lab customers in continental America, receive their money within 24 hours of agreeing to sell their diamonds or jewelry. This is an unbeatable service and our teams work around the clock to ensure your satisfaction.

Read more about why customers recommend Ivalue Lab's service.

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