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Best Place to Sell Jewelry?

Tired of your old Jewelry and want to upgrade it? Want to get rid of past memories?

Finding a place to sell your jewelry and get fast cash can be difficult. But not anymore as we have built this platform to make it easier for our clients to get an instant quote for their jewelry item. You do not have to worry about looking for trusted jewelry buyers or pawn brokers. Wherever you are in the United States, you can reach our team within the comfort of your home and get a quote online for your jewelry just by sending in photos and information.

Desperate times can lead us to seek help from pawnshops, where you can get fast cash. Although it can be reliable in dire need, your jewelry gets valued at a much lower price than actual market value

Numerous people try to sell their old jewelry online on platforms like eBay. It is a much-prolonged process whereas on iValue Lab you get an estimated quote within 24 hours.

As easy and exciting buying your jewelry can be, selling it can be as tiresome.

At iValue Lab we guarantee you a hassle free, straightforward, and secure process, a fair offer and fast payment. We are a reliable service well equipped to inspect your jewelry item and provide you an accurate appraisal.

Jewelry Stores Near Me

Don't stress looking for the nearest stores or the best pawn broker in town to get cash for gold jewelry, as there is a chance, they offer you store credits instead. iValue Lab provides one of the highest market prices for your Gold jewelry. And we provide the easiest way to do that. All you must do is ship it to us via FedEx Secure shipment. Shipping charges are covered by us and we provide you with the Best jewelry insurance by Malca-amit. However, if you reside in New York and would like to get it appraised in person you can schedule an appointment- we would love to meet you!

Where Can I Sell Jewelry?

We purchase rings, earrings, necklace, bracelets etc. Whether it is White gold, Yellow gold, or Platinum. Mounted with natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds, or gemstones. We buy them all. Usually jewelry buyers or pawn shops will provide you an offer based on the weight only. We on the other hand evaluate your jewelry precisely and make an offer based on all the details. In addition to the weight we also consider the make and type and all other specifications when providing an offer. You will be able to sell jewelry at best price with us and we make it our priority to provide a fair offer to our clients, so they feel comfortable to sell old jewelry online with us!

How do you Price Jewelry?

When it comes to pricing jewelry, one of the most important elements to consider is the direct and indirect costs incurred from purchasing materials and jewelry equipment, renting workspace, reserving a spot at a craft show, and lastly, labor.

Pricing your jewelry might be difficult. It may raise uncomfortable questions about your company and how you foresee it expanding in the future. There is no one-size-fits-all product price plan, but your buyers will pay for one-of-a-kind and original jewelry items. As long as you don't undervalue your knowledge and originality, you should be able to price your product at a cost that matches your designs and your business strategy.

Normally, the price of jewelry is estimated based on the current price of gold as per purity, manufacturing charge, gold weight, and taxes. Jewelry price = gold rate/gram x weight of gold in jewelry + manufacturing charge/gram + taxes (on jewelry plus making charge).

Is Reselling Jewelry Worth It?

In case you're thinking about selling your jewelry, you might have pondered: "what is my adornment worth?" Various elements can influence the worth of used jewelry. In any case, you're considering selling your jewelry, it's fundamental that you understand these elements and subsequently your jewelry's worth before you visit a purchaser. More deeply studying your jewelry worth will assist with guaranteeing that you accept its entire recycled esteem when you choose to sell.

For the most part, when you sell used jewelry, you can hope to get around 20 to half of the first price tag. There are a couple of exemptions for this reach. For instance, extremely uncommon and exceptionally valuable pieces might bring a more exorbitant cost. Nonetheless, by far, most fine adornments will get a deal somewhere in the range of 20% and half of its unique cost—the reselling of Jewelry cut-off the actual worth of the piece.

What can I do with Unwanted Jewelry?

Do you have a jewelry box brimming with things you never wear any longer? Very much like our preferences for apparel changes, so does our desire for adornments and embellishments. Or then again, perhaps there are simply different things in life you want all the more at this moment. One thing is sure: Recycling old neckbands, studs, wristbands, rings, pins, watches and different sorts of jewelry isn't so natural as placing it in the curbside reusing receptacle. Some adornments, obviously, will get a high esteem and can be sold.

The more products of that piece of jewelry that are out there in the commercial center, the less you pay by weight for the plan and introductory set up to make it. The many things produced have eaten that cost.

Things to do with Unwanted Jewelry:

• In return cash from the unwanted jewelry.

• Recycle with something you want to wear.

• Exchange of jewelry.

• Remount Stones Into A New Piece.

• Exchange It For Credit Towards Another Purchase.

How can I make Money by Selling Jewelry?

For a long time, there has been a great demand for jewelry. The tale hasn't changed, and it's unlikely to change since jewelry, as a consumer commodity, has no bounds. It appeals to men and women of various ages and cultural backgrounds.

Consider exchanging your item for shop credit if you want to get the most out of your sale. Most establishments will make you a trade-in credit offer that is significantly greater than their cash offer.

How to Make Money Selling Jewelry:

1. Jewelry is a wide-ranging item (earrings, necklaces, wristwatches, bracelets, pendants, rings, etc.).

2. Precious jewelry retains its value and may be resold.

3. Depending on what you sell, the profit margins can be enormous.

4. Selling it for cash would be easier.

If you don't have any sentimental tie to a piece and simply want to obtain cash for it, your best bet is to sell it to a local jeweler or pawn shop. If they believe they can sell the item in their showcase, they will make you an offer based on the price they believe they can sell it for.

Is Reselling Jewelry Profitable?

Jewelry is one of those items that will always be in demand. Jewelry is popular among men and women of all ages, and it is becoming more popular. Customers who wish to buy jewelry will almost always be present. After all, it's a billion-dollar market, and with the internet, any new vendor can easily integrate.

Yes, many individuals sell their jewelry online and earn from it. Profits are determined by the online jewelry company you choose, as policies range from one to the other. Finding the finest retailer is critical in such a situation.

When the undesired jewelry has a high market value, reselling it is beneficial. Item has been reported to generate profit margins ranging from 25 to 75 percent, much of which is due to the perceived worth of the jewelry. And this is one of the key reasons why jewelry is such a terrific business to start.

How can I avoid Losing Jewelry?

We've all had the awful sense of realizing we've misplaced a crucial item, such as our phone, home keys, or wedding band. Sometimes we discover things again, and other times they are lost forever – but locating or replacing objects may be unpleasant, expensive, and time consuming.

Many pieces of jewelry have been lost simply because they have fallen off. Check that the catch on a piece is sturdy before putting it on, and if in doubt, don't wear it until a jewelry expert has examined it and made it more secure.

Ways to avoid losing jewelry:

1. Very exceptional jewelry should always be returned to its box, ideally in a safe if it is really valuable or irreplaceable.

2. Put a little container near your bed to store the jewelry you take off last thing at night and put back on first thing in the morning.

3. Never swim in the water while wearing expensive jewelry.

How to Price Jewelry for Resale?

Many individuals believe that a jewelry evaluation determines the final price of an item.

A voluntary seller denotes a person who is not under coercion. For example, you would be under stress if you needed to sell something immediately in order to pay emergency medical expenditures. In such cases, what you're willing to sell for isn't a reliable indicator of worth.

In general, you should expect to receive 20 to 50 percent of the original purchase price when selling pre-owned fine jewelry. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule. Very rare and highly valuable items, for example, may command a greater price. However, the great majority of fine jewelry will receive an offer ranging from 20% to 50% of its original price.

While the 20% to 50% range is generally common for pre-owned jewelry pricing, there is a lot of variance within this range.

Why do people Sell their Jewelry?

There was a stigma associated with selling jewelry for many years (if not decades). You didn't do it, and if you did, you didn't tell anyone about it.

Reasons to sell jewelry:

• Your family had fallen on hard times , so you sold your valuables.

• Selling jewelry for cash may occasionally cover a down payment on a house or automobile.

• It can also save you from having to borrow money to pay unforeseen bills.

• It can be for family functions.

• Want to buy any luxurious item or goods.

• Want to buy shares in the stock market.

Whether a piece of jewelry is signed or unsigned, its salability in the present market has a significant influence on its resale price. So, if an object is now more desired in the eyes of customers (due to its design, materials, or brand) its resale value will be higher.

How do you Sell high end Jewelry?

Of course, jewelry has inherent worth. It's constructed of jewels like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires and set in precious metals like platinum, gold, and silver. Many objects have sentimental significance as well, having been passed down from family members or gifted on a significant occasion.

Steps to look into when selling high end jewelry:

• Research about your jewelry specifications.

• Research the best way to sell it.

• Look for the brand for best market value.

• Be well known for the selling price % and rate of that day.

• Ask for the cutting charges

Contrary to common opinion, you do not have to sell your jewelry to a scrap metal refinery in order to receive paid for it. If your jewelry is still in good shape, selling it to your local jeweler will give you more selling alternatives, and they may be able to pay you more than the item's scrap value.

How do I know If my used Jewelry is Worth anything?

Vintage jewelry that you never wear is a fantastic way to make money — but you may be wondering how to recognize vintage jewelry and evaluate its price.

1. Identify your jewelry: You may own a variety of fine and costume jewelry, but you may be unsure of what you have. Let's take a look at some sure-fire vintage jewelry identifiers.

2. Examine your jewelry: One of the most essential things to do when attempting to assess the worth of your vintage jewelry is to carefully examine it.

3. Investigate your jewelry: There are a number of reliable sites available to assist you in determining the value of your vintage jewelry. To begin, look for a vintage and antique jewelry identification guide.

4. Find a buyer: Speak with a reputable, experienced jewelry buyer and receive their advice. They will very certainly want to examine the artwork firsthand before providing you with an evaluation.

What is the Best Way to Sell Luxury Jewelry?

Which is more enjoyable: getting a root canal, paying taxes, or selling jewelry? There isn't much of a choice, but the following information can help take the sting out of selling your jewels. And address difficult concerns such as, "Will I get a fair price for my jewelry?" Is it possible that I overpaid?

Item has been reported to generate profit margins ranging from 25 to 75 percent, much of which is due to the perceived worth of the jewelry. This is one of the key reasons why jewelry is such a terrific business to start. It's not like the electronics industry, where everyone knows exactly how much a given type of laptop should cost. A consumer has no means of knowing the precise best price for a jewelry (besides estimating what a stone is worth).

The criteria that impact the value of estate jewelry and the alternatives for liquidating it are two essential areas of knowledge to receive the greatest price for your jewelry. Does this imply that you must become a gemologist in order to sell your jewelry? No. However, doing your study and taking notes might result in a considerably higher price for your item. Let's begin with what factors influence the value of estate jewelry.

Is It Legal to Buy Jewelry and Resell It?

There are no special legal requirements for selling jewelry online. You should have all of your company's legal documentation that allows you to trade in jewelry. This is also nothing to be concerned about.

In general, reselling an item that you properly obtained is not prohibited. When you buy anything at a store, it is yours to do with as you like. You must obtain authorization from the manufacturer before utilizing their logos to market the items you are reselling.

However, if you intend to conduct this as a business, a few complications arise. First and foremost, there will be warranty difficulties. If you conduct this business as a "under the table" reseller rather than an official reseller, you risk invalidating the warranties that the manufacturer provides to the original consumer but not to the clients to whom you've resold the items.

Which Metal Jewelry has best Resale Value?

This is in the following order: rhenium, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium, osmium, gold, palladium, and silver. Rhodium is the most valuable precious metal. This silvery-colored metal is exceedingly uncommon and is widely utilized for its reflective characteristics.

Gold is by far the most popular precious metal investment. Gold is purchased by both large and small investors in order to diversify their portfolios.

As an investor, you already consider your purchases to be investments, and you must ensure that the jewelry you purchase is a worthwhile investment.

Names of the Metal Jewelry that holds the best resale value:

• Palladium jewelry

• Platinum jewelry

• Diamond jewelry

• Gold jewelry

• Silver jewelry

Where can I Sell Jewelry near Me?

Many people have been thinking about getting fair cash for their jewelry selling. This certainly depends upon the charges at that time and the jewelry store you are relying on. This has to be the wisest decision since you are selling your most significant property to another person. Make sure you are getting a good price for the same. If you want to save some time from researching the best jewelry buyer, we would recommend you to contact iValue Lab directly. We have been serving this industry for a lot of years, and thus, you can undoubtedly vouch for us.

How to find best Jewelry Buyer?

To find the best jewelry buyer, you should follow the following steps:

Search online: Look on the Internet for the best jewelry buyers in your area and go through the customer reviews to understand the rapport of their services. Finalize the jewelry buyer after an in-depth analysis of the past services and feedback.

Check the authenticity: It should be verified that the buyer is licensed and well experienced in purchasing and selling Jewelry. This will help you understand the market conditions and the best price for your items.

What are the Documents Required for Selling Gold Ornaments?

It is common to sell gold jewelry when you need cash. Investing in Gold results in monetary benefits as people tend to sell their stored Gold when the prices of Gold have hiked.

There are a few checkpoints you must take care of before Gold of sale:

- Retain Invoice: The buyer of the Gold will always ask for the purchase document or the invoice of that Gold. Always store the invoice of the Gold carefully because it is an essential need in case you need to sell or return the Gold from the same seller because of quality issues.

- Hallmark verification: Hallmarking verifies the purification of any jewelry. It is a measure of purity. The higher the hallmark, the better quality of Gold is used in your Jewelry. So, always take care of the hallmarking certification before selling your gold ornaments.

How can I Legally Sell my Gold?

You can legally sell your Gold by following the standard measures that have been put by the gold regulation authorities. To legally sell your Gold, you must have all the records of the purchase of the Gold, which should carry clear details about the date of purchase and rate of purchase for the Gold. The buyer should be registered and licensed as a professional gold dealer. The legal work should be very transparent and according to the standard procedure. Check the online reviews or any jewelry shop before selling your Gold to it. Do a good background check to avoid any undesired situation or inconvenient results. Awareness is very important as there are no stringent laws over the normal selling of Gold in retail, so you are the one who has to take care of all the aspects as per your benefits.

We at iValue Labs can take care of your concerns by guiding and assisting you in getting the maximum price for your Gold. We take care of all the aspects and legalities. You can rest assured that there is going to be no trouble, your gold is in safe hands!

How do I turn Gold into Cash?

The best way to do it is through iValue Labs. We are here to take care that you are being offered the maximum benefit for any transaction you make with us. We have been dealing into Gold and it is very reliable and convenient to turn their gold into cash through iValue Labs. A few tips that you should have in mind before selling your Gold can be:

Many gold purchasers offer cash in return for Gold. You can sell your gold at the time of need or when the price of the Gold is higher than the price when you purchased it. You can contact jewelry shops and other Gold merchants to get the best price for your Gold.

Different shops can offer different rates, depending on the quality of the Gold and the hallmarking certification. Always make sure that while selling your Gold, you negotiate with the dealer based on the quality of the Gold and try to get the best quality of Gold. Selling your Gold is rather an easy and quick process, but getting the maximum value for sale is complicated

To avoid all these complications, directly contact iValue Labs and get your Gold converted in the most swift and hassle free manner..

Is Buying Gold a good Investment?

Investing in Gold has been a conventional and effective form of Investment for a very long time. It is wise to invest in Gold. Although the prices of Gold can fluctuate rapidly in a short period, in the long run, it is ultimately a profitable deal. The prices of Gold have given a satisfactory upsurge in recent years. For many years, Gold has been a hedge against inflation and erosion of major currencies. Gold is an unproductive yet secure asset.

Gold does not promote economic growth like money, bonds, and shares. The Value of Gold fluctuates based on the uncertainty that other asset classes will lose their value. Therefore investing in Gold is considered an intelligent step for a balanced portfolio. So, it can be concluded that gold Investment is a safe and secure investment under long-term conditions.

Which form of Gold is best for Investment?

There are multiple sources through which you can invest in Gold. After checking numerous factors like minimum investment requirements, returns, costs, liquidity. And rules laid by the government on the taxation system, it can be concluded that you can go for multiple options:

1. Sovereign gold bonds are the best form of investing in Gold if you are looking for a long-term investment of around five years or more. It offers you regular interest payouts and tax-free redemption after staying supported for at least five years.

2. On a short-term basis, for three years or less, Gold Mutual Funds or Gold ETFs are fitting options because they have very high liquidity and availability.

3. It is not advisable to invest in physical or digital Gold because the risk factors associated with that form of Investment are much higher than the other forms of Investment.

What should I know before buying Gold?

You should be well aware of a few basic checkpoints before you proceed with purchasing Gold. Those points are:

1. Check purity: Always check the purity of the Gold that you are about to buy in the form of golden jewelry or gold coins. The safest way to confirm the quality is to look for the hallmarking symbol. The hallmark will help you understand the actual proportion of Gold used in that material. It is the responsibility of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to certify and hallmark gold jewelry.

2. Contact reputed and reliable buyers: You should connect with iValue Labs because we are certified and trusted in dealing with purchase and selling of precious elements. You can check our reviews and customer experience to get a better understanding about the quality of services that we offer.

How much can I expect to Sell Gold?

There is no fixed price for that. When you are selling gold, various important factors will decide what price your Gold will be sold. The major factor is the cost of Gold in the market when you are selling it. If the market costs are very low, there are rare chances of getting a good return. It is advisable only to sell Gold when the price of Gold in the market is at a peak, and you can get maximum return for selling your Gold. Apart from this, negotiation skills also play an important role. It is up to you if you can make a deal with the buyer convincing him about the quality of the Gold to extract the highest price possible.

How do Gold Buyers Determine Value?

The Value of Gold in the Jewelry must be calculated based on the entire weight of the jewelry minus the weight of diamonds and gemstones. The cost of diamonds or stones must be added apart from the Gold. Gold jewelry comes in different Karats, which is the unit of measurement of the purity of Gold. 24 Karat gold is the purest, but it is not fit for making jewelry pieces because it is too soft to be molded into any shape and retain that structure.

Alloys such as zinc, copper, or silver are added to enhance the durability of Gold. Mostly you can find 22 Karat gold jewelry in the market. The buyer's price is Gold based on the Karat. More Karat means the Gold is high quality and has a higher purchase price. This helps in determining the gold price for Gold buyers.

Can I Sell Gold, Platinum, Silver and other Precious Metals?

Yes, you can sell Gold, Silver, Platinum, and other precious metals at iValue Labs. We accept every kind of jewelry and get you the worthy cost for the same. Once you are with us, there is no looking back! Our notable services are free from any kind of risks and fully insured. You can expect the payment within 24 hours and choose the payment methods you choose. If yours is branded jewelry, you will be facilitated with the best market appraisals on selling them. With us, selling your jewelry is undoubtedly going to be an easy process! Contact us and know more about it.

How much Gold or Silver can I Sell without reporting?

The Internal Revenue Services needs you to report any physical gold sales in Form 1099- B. The IRS treats Gold as a part of income, and it is necessary to submit the form and indicate the quantity and type of material you are selling. In US laws, you are required to report any sales of 90% of silver US coins that will exceed the face value of $1000. Moreover, any sales of the gold coins where more than 25 coins have been sold.

You can sell gold or silver without reporting, but you must consider what quantity of gold or silver you are selling and where it fits in the taxation slab and reporting guidelines. The complete information for the guidelines is available on the official State websites of the US, along with the percentage taxation on such sales and purchases.

Best Place to Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash

The best place to sell your jewelry for cash is none other than the iValue Lab. We are considered to be the leading independent purchaser of your precious jewelry. Ours is an organization that is directly associated with the international diamond markets. Our history in this industry has been for more than 20 years, and we started as an online venture in 2017. We have been continually providing a better deal to our customers for their precious jewelry. Irrespective of the size and volume of your notable jewelry, we are always there to assist you, no matter what! iValue Lab is a trusted company that proffers risk-free and fair service to the customers. Make sure you are counting on us!

How do I Sell my used Jewelry?

There are a few major points that you must consider before selling your used Jewelry.

Condition: Make sure that the condition of the Jewelry is good. Broken or faded Jewelry can result in the loss of a big margin in the selling price. The restoration prices can be high to get your Jewelry back in the original or fit state for selling. Therefore, have a clear look at the jewelry condition and try to get it restored before putting it on the market for sale.

Count on iValue Lab: We at iValue Lab are here to get you the most amazing deal on selling your Jewelry in no time. We have been serving in this field for more than 20 years now. Thus, you would never have to worry about our experience. Communicate with us and get the best value for your Jewelry now.

How to Sell Precious Gemstones?

Do you want to sell your precious gemstones? If yes, then iValueLab can be the ideal place for that. We’ll properly evaluate your jewelry and consider several factors that will go into pricing. These factors can be gemstones’ quality, availability in the marketplace, and appeal for that specific gemstone or jewel within your neighborhood. As the stone is mounted in a jewelry piece, new trends can have a great impact on the pricing, too.

Anyone can produce an appraisal, but it is advised to go for a trained appraiser who is practiced in writing appraisals, as well as jewelry manufacturing expertise and gemological education. Other ways to sell your gemstones are auction, selling them back to the jeweler, or selling them on consignment. If you have a stone or a jewelry piece of premium quality, you can choose to sell it via a larger auction house.

How do I know If my old Gemstone Jewelry is Valuable?

Your gemstone jewelry may have lost its charm due to a lot of things. Perhaps they do not suit your style anymore or remind you of your past relationship. You can make some money from your old gemstone jewelry, but you might think about how to recognize vintage jewelry and find out its value.

Firstly, you must think about the place where you purchased the jewelry. If you bear in mind picking it up at a big-box seller in the previous years, then it is maybe not vintage. If you’ve got it from an antique shop, or flea market, then it is more expected to be vintage.

A very important thing to remember while striving to find the actual worth of your old jewelry piece is to look at it closely. While seeing your old gemstone jewelry, check whether it displays the signs of being handmade.

How will you Pay me?

Irrespective of what you are selling to us, you can get the entire amount either in cash, or via net banking, or cheque. Our gemologists will assess and appraise your piece. After they are through with this, we’ll get back to you with a final deal.

IValueLab is among the most reputed and dependable diamond buyers that you can find in the city. We offer a quick and safe service to our clients. In addition to that, we have maintained good relations with international diamond markets. That’s the reason we are able to offer the clients a complete market value for their diamonds and other jewelry items.

There are many other ways to sell your diamond ring, necklace, or vintage watch but some of these can be very risky. To get started with us, you just have to fill up an appraisal form online.

How long does It take to Receive my Payment?

The time taken to get your payment will be based on the payment mode that you decide on. However, a great majority of our clients get their payments in just 1 working day. We will pay more than any jewelry store, or pawnshop.

iValueLab is an online service and each of our deals are made as per our lab’s expert evaluation. As you put your jewelry pieces you will be given a fair value, associated with present market prices.

Our company has a huge customer base and a trained customer service team ready to answer any of your queries. You can contact them directly at (929) 529-8516 or mail your queries at info@ivaluelab.com.

How do I know my valuables are safe with your Company?

At iValueLab, we assure you that all your valuables are safe and none of your personal details will be shared with any third person. We gather all your details from you as you enroll yourself on our official website, fill up a form or submit your details on our website.

Our team of professionals is highly experienced and they know very well how to keep your jewelry safe and secure. We have already worked with hundreds of clients in the past and most of them were really impressed with our job. Rely on iValueLab if you want your valuables to be at a safe place. We keep any kind of jewelry item with us, counting diamond rings, gold bangles, necklaces, limited edition watches, bracelets, or any other jewelry piece. Connect with our team if you want to keep your valuables safe inside our locker.

How to get Cash for Gold?

Do you want to convert your gold jewelry into hard cash? Then visit the most reputed and renowned jewelry dealer who deals in gold. There are also many dealers or buyers that buy gold jewelry and offer the best prices for the jewelry.

You must be sensible with your hopes prior to visiting a buyer to sell your gold jewelry. There is no dealer or company that can give you the present market value for the gold due to the considerable expense of transforming the gold jewelry into raw gold material. Ensure to rely on trusted gold buyers like iValueLab or else you can be in great trouble. Do good research before deciding on a buyer. Go for a trusted and reputed gold buyer to avoid getting cheated.

It is also important to know the value of your jewelry beforehand. You must be aware of the weight and carat of your item.

How do you convert Gold into Cash?

You can encounter many buyers around you that deal in gold. Before you go out and sell your gold jewelry, make sure that you check the genuineness of the buyers or gold dealers. You can expect to get a healthy amount if you sell your gold engagement rings, bands, chains, or any other piece of jewelry.

Keep in mind two things while looking at the market value. First, gold’s spot price denotes 99.9 percent pure, 24 karat gold. In case you have gold with less karat weight, the value that you will receive will also be less. Second, you generally won’t receive the accurate spot price for your gold, particularly if you are selling low quantities.

Regardless of what you want to sell for cash, be it gold coins, or gold bars, stay calm and do a lot of homework. Knowing everything related to your gold and finding the right buyer, such as iValueLab, will help you in getting the best value for your gold coins, or jewelry.

How much is Scrap Jewelry Worth?

For many of us, the term “scrap gold�? might be new. It is basically the gold delivered to a refiner to be melted down and reprocessed. Thus, any item consisting of gold and is intended to be recycled can be viewed as scrap gold.

If you go out to sell your gold to a trusted buyer, who’ll deliver it to a refinery, the pieces you sell will be purchased as scrap gold.

Purity and weight are the two factors on which the worth of scrap jewelry is based on. So, if you are familiar with the worth of gold per unit of weight and the karat price of a gold item, you can evaluate its worth as scrap gold. For example, if you possess an 18 karat gold item, weighing 100 grams, then the definite gold content of the piece is 75 percent. In simple terms, you just have 75 grams of pure gold.

What do you do with Broken Gold Jewelry?

Are you confused about what to do with broken or damaged gold jewelry? You can take the item to where you have initially purchased it. A vast majority of jewelry buyers deal in broken/damaged gold jewelry pieces.

You may often end up receiving a lower price for your items if you sell them to any other place compared to the price you will receive at iValueLab.

Apart from selling, you can also decide to re-cast your gold jewelry into something new. But it can be tough to find someone to re-cast your items. Discuss with iValueLab regarding the procedure they use. Also, ask our team whether they’ll be utilizing your real gold within the new piece or whether they are only providing you with a credit. They will give an assurance on the outcomes if they aren’t refining the gold.

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