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selling an engagement ring

Help! How Can I Safely Sell a Diamond Ring Online?

Are you in a position where you need to sell diamonds for cash? Have you looked at several of the alternative ways to do so and think you might want to try to sell your diamond ring online? If so, are you hesitating, wondering if this is a wise—or even safe—thing to do?


5 Ways to Sell Your Engagement Ring

Where has your engagement ring been in the last years? Whether you’re married for a long time or just got divorced, these are two great motives to sell a jewelry piece that no longer serves you any purpose. 


Do I Keep My Engagement Ring After Divorce?

An engagement ring symbolizes promise; a wedding ring symbolizes commitment. So what happens to them when your marriage ends in divorce? Deciding what to do with your wedding jewelry can be a difficult decision and one that varies greatly from person to person. If you’re not sure what to do with it after a divorce,...

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