Are You in the Market to Sell A Gold Bracelet or A Diamond Bracelet?

You may have bought a special bracelet years ago and feel that it no longer suits your style or taste today. Or maybe you would prefer to exchange the bracelet for cash that you can put to use elsewhere. Luckily for you, we’re here to guide you about where to sell your bracelet and give you tips on how to evaluate your options and achieve the best price for your bracelet.

Valuing Your Bracelet

It is crucial that you do your diligence when you go to sell a diamond bracelet for cash. You don’t want to be misguided when it comes to selling valuable jewelry that may also carry emotional significance for you - especially if it was inherited or a gifted piece from a loved one.

There are a couple of questions you will want to answer as you go about the process to sell your necklace:

● Who is the Maker of the Jewelry?

If you have a bracelet from a luxury or heritage jewelry brand, this could potentially increase the value of your jewelry. If you sell a Tiffany bracelet, for example, that is still in good condition, this could impact the resale value.

● Is It an Antique or Vintage Piece?

If there is a special provenance or historical design to the piece, this could potentially raise the value of the piece depending on its condition and desirability of that style today.

● Are There Precious Metals Used Such as Gold, Platinum or Silver?

Precious metals will certainly impact the resale value of the bracelet and should be measured accordingly.

● Are There Precious Gemstones? Diamonds?

If there is diamond content in the bracelet, this will also impact the resale value of the bracelet. Whether this is mined diamond or lab-grown diamond will change the value of the bracelet. 

● If There is A Diamond or Multiple Diamonds, What are the 4’Cs?

If you don’t have the GIA certification for the diamonds in your bracelet, it is worth having the diamonds inspected and this would be done during the appraisal process.

● What Is the Value of the Bracelet?

An appraisal of your bracelet will help to ascertain the value of the bracelet.

  Sell Your Diamond Bracelet  

Once you’ve begun investigating these questions, you will want to take your gold or diamond bracelet for a formal appraisal to determine the resale value. A jewelry appraisal is an official document that verifies the market value of your pendant, detailing the characteristics and monetary value of your piece.

When you receive the appraisal with your estimated resale value established, we recommend exploring a couple of avenues to sell your bracelet.

● Jewelry Stores and Local Jewelers: If you have a trusted jeweler, you may want to get their thoughts on what kinds of prices they could offer you. Keep in mind that their roster of clients is likely limited to those who live in proximity to the store so they may not be able to achieve the highest price when you sell a gold pendant.

● Online Auctions: An online auction may seem like the easiest way to set your price for your necklace. However, in the case of eBay and Craigslist, you have no guarantee that your piece will ever sell. If you’re looking for immediate cash for your pendant, this may be the most appealing way, but we recommend you explore one other way before taking this route…

● Online Diamond Buyers: Whether you have a diamond bracelet or looking to sell a gold bracelet online, this is one of the most efficient ways to sell your old jewelry.

In Summary, We Recommend iValue Lab as the Premier Industry Leader for Jewelry Resale

So, if you’re looking to sell your used tennis bracelet, we highly recommend iValue Lab as the most reliable and trustworthy source. They are located in the heart of New York City and their ratings and reviews from customers are exceptional. Nearly 100% of their clients have said that iValue Lab offered the highest price in comparison to other outlets.

iValue Lab prides themselves on their seamless end-to-end customer experience. You first navigate to the free appraisal form on the iValue Lab website and include a description of your bracelet along with photos. iValue Lab will provide a rough estimate of the jewelry appraisal, although they need the jewelry on hand to give you the most accurate estimate.

If you wish to move forward, iValue Lab will send a courier to go pick up the jewelry. iValue Lab covers the cost of transportation and insurance so you are fully covered. Once your bracelet reaches them, the entire process is recorded on video, so you have full transparency. You will receive a final offer once their in-house gemologist inspects and appraises the piece. iValue Lab consistently receives high ratings and reviews from their customers who say that iValue Lab is where they received the highest offer for their diamond.

So, if you need a quick solution to selling your old jewelry before the New Year, give iValue Lab a call. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you.
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