Ginger D. Testimonial

Question: How did you find out about iValue Lab? 

Answer: I found iValue Lab on Google

Question: How did you find out about iValue Lab? 

Answer: I found iValue Lab on Google.

Question: In 1-3 sentences, please, explain what the reason was for selling your jewelry.

Answer: I sold my ring because I need to pay off some debt.

Question:  Is there a SPECIAL story about the jewelry you are selling? 

Answer: No special stories, other than they were items that I had in my safe and no longer wore, I figured since I was not wearing them someone else could enjoy them.

Question:  Did you feel any apprehension working with iValue Lab? 

Answer: Well, at first, I did, but when I got responses right away, it made me feel more secure. And when I got my payment as promised, it sealed the deal and I had no apprehension to use you again, if ever need be.

Question: Could you describe the process? Are you happy with the results? 

Answer: The process was easy.. I sent photos with the best descriptions I had. I got a call from Mike and he asked me questions.  If gave him the information off my receipts, etc.  they got back to me with an approximate value.  I sent the items in with a prepaid FedEx label.  Mike assured me he would call me once he got the package the next am.  He did!  He called me as soon as the lab gave him the value and what they were going to offer me.  It was within the amounts they told me upfront.  I agreed to the deal.  They asked how I wanted to be paid, I completed the paperwork that was requited to do so, and I was paid the next day! It was simple.

Question: Would you like to add anything else?

Answer:  I will use them again if I ever have any unworn jewelry I needed to sell.

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