Divorce - Moving on Emotionally and Financially

In 2015 there were over 2,000,000 marriages and almost 1,000,000 divorces... 

Divorce used to carry a huge social stigma that is unimaginable today. Until the second half of the 20th century divorce was only really an option for the wealthy and well connected. These days divorce is so commonplace that it is a social norm.Divorce is still a life-changing event that can cause huge emotional and psychological stress. There are also financial pressures and other practical difficulties as you adjust to being single again. If you’re newly divorced you have to pick up the pieces fast and work to build a new life.

If you were in a bad marriage it’s also a big relief to move on. Once the ugliness of the actual divorce process is done with, you have your life back. At this point a lot of people realise that although they have a final legal separation, they still don’t have a final emotional separation.

Should I sell my Diamonds and Jewelry?

At this point a lot of women decide to sell their jewelry, specifically their diamond engagement ring and wedding ring. If the marriage was particularly bad, or ended in hatred this is usually an easy decision.

For some women the adjustment period is longer. Selling a diamond engagement ring or a wedding ring isn’t easy. Both were given and accepted with love and there may still be a strong sentimental attachment to the jewelry.

If the rings are especially beautiful, or have been worn every day for years, parting with them can be hard. It’s a boundary that some women will shy away from, particularly if they haven’t fully accepted the divorce on an emotional level.

In fact, the decision to sell your diamonds is usually an empowering one. Selling your jewelry is a decisive act that says ‘I’m no longer married’ on a deeper psychological level. It makes it a lot easier to start dating again and meet a new partner.

Sell Jewelry Online for Fast Cash

Extra money is always useful, but when you’re newly divorced and making a fresh start, it can make a real difference to your life. When you sell your diamonds and jewelry, you can quickly turn bad memories into hard cash. You’re basically getting paid to make a break with the past.

You can easily sell your jewelry online for a high percentage of the original purchase price. Precious metals and diamonds are always in demand for recycling or resale. Many recently divorced women have been able to sell their jewellry collections (engagement rings, wedding rings and other gifts) for at least $5,000. It’s possible to sell designer jewelry or very high quality diamonds for much higher sums.

The transition to a new single lifestyle can result in all kinds of unexpected expenses. A few thousand dollars can make a massive difference when you’re meeting financial commitments as a single person.

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