Stefanie F Testimonial

Stefanie is not the only client that felt like the process with iValue Lab is efficient

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Stefanie F Testimonial

Question: Stefanie, how did you hear about  iValue Lab?

Answer: I found iValue through an internet search.

Question: There are a lot of companies that purchase jewelry, why did you end up choosing iValue Lab?

Answer: I looked at their reviews and read about the process and felt that they are my best shot  to try to get the best offer I can get.

Question: In a few words, please, tell us about your experience with iValue Lab

Answer: Efficient and easy! The representatives update you throughout the whole process from the time I submitted a form online.

Question: Were you worried about shipping your diamond?

Answer: Yes, I was worried a little because I was out state and sending valuables through mail is a little scary because you never know what’s going to happen.

Question: Do you feel like you received the best offer for your diamond? And did you try selling it elsewhere?

Answer: Yes, iValue Lab, at the beginning provided me with the best estimated offer out all the companies I contacted. And of course, I feel like I got the best offer.

Question: Would you use iValue Lab again?

Answer: Yes!

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