Selling an Engagement Ring to a Jewelry Store

Selling an engagement ring doesn’t sound like a complicated task. At least that is what I thought before looking into it a little deeper.

Of course, if you are not worried about the amount you get for your ring then there is no need to read any further. But let’s be honest, most of the time an engagement ring holds a very sentimental place in our heart. Whether your reason for selling is divorce, death or simply finance, selling this type of jewelry is never an easy task. So how can you make this effort worthwhile? Look at these steps you can take before agreeing on a price.

Best Way to Sell Expensive Jewelry

Step 1: Know Your Worth

Finding out the true value of a diamond before jumping into selling it can be a disappointing venture. It could be worth a lot more than you had thought, and at the same time it could be worth almost nothing. Before letting a Pawn Shop or diamond buyer determine the value of your engagement ring, know your facts. These facts can be obtained from a qualified appraiser. If the diamond is not worth a lot and you are not in the position to hire a professional, then just make sure that you visit more than one pawn shop. Get a good idea of what you are being offered before settling on a price. In this way you will avoid setting an unrealistic price tag on your engagement ring. Keep in mind that even though it is special to you, doesn’t mean that the buyer is going to have the same emotional attachment to it.

Step 2: Know Your Selling Options

You don’t only have one option when selling an engagement ring. You can either sell to the public or directly to the jewelry industry. Obviously, trust is essential when selling things for high prices. Selling to the Jewelry Industry can be more trustworthy and therefore can shorten the process drastically. The public though often is willing to pay more for diamonds. Just be very careful about who you trust. Then there is the option of selling your ring separate to the diamond. This can sometimes make it slightly easier to sell.

Step 3: Know Your Limitations

As I mentioned at the outset of this article, engagement rings often hold a very special place in our heart. However, to put it bluntly, you need to be heartless when selling. You want to avoid any indecisiveness and regrets. When you are in the right headspace to sell, you will be able to make the best decisions. You want all the savvy you can get when taking on this task.

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