How Much Money Do You Get If You Sell a Diamond?

Diamond- A woman’s best friend until it's time to let it go. Unfortunately, there can come a time in your life when you need to sell your diamonds. You might want some immediate cash for used diamonds or just want to get rid of unwanted memories. Whatever the reason is, one thing you need to accept is that you willonlyget around 20-40% of what you paid. If you are lucky enough or own a designer brand jewelrypiece,you might be able to secure up to 50%.

Don’t be disheartened though because something is better than having the piece lying around with no purpose. Even so, do not set yourself to be ripped off. This process requires some research, especially if you are not aware of the diamond market.

What Do You Need to Do to Sell UseDiamonds?

No matter how old your diamond jewelry is, its actual value is determined by certain factors that you should be aware of.

Cut:The shape/cut of the diamond. Some shapes are more expensive than others due to its low demand and the amount of raw material required.While other popular ones you can find for cheaper.

Carat:It basically represents the size of the diamond. The bigger the diamond is the more expensive it will be. Although there are other factors that influence the price, but logically bigger stones mean that a larger amount of raw material was used. A larger rough stone is required to get a diamond with a bigger carat weight.

Color:The higher the colour the more expensive the diamond will be. Color DEF are consideredcolourless andareon the high end of the colourscale and G colour onwards a yellowish tint appears in the diamond which increases in intensity as we move along the scale.

Clarity:It represents the quality of the diamond- The number of inclusions a diamond consists of. Inclusions can be inside the diamond or on its surface. These inclusions can barely be noticeable (eye clean) or can also be eye visible. On the clarity scale the highest clarity is FL(Flawless), IF(Internally Flawless) which is rare to find. People who want high claritystonesusually to go for VVS (Very Very Slightly Included). 

However, when you want to sell used diamonds, you also must consider the jewelry it comes with. Make sure that you keep your jewelry clean and presentable because first impressioncan influence the buyer’s mind. With diamonds, it’s the different factors thatdetermine its value. But when it comes to jewlery, its condition, its make and its design also has a considerable effect on the price.

Usually when you want tosell your gold along with your diamond. The buyer will provide you an offer only for the diamond whereasthe gold offer will be negligible. The reason for this is that they usually end up melting the goldwhich will get them no profit. Nevertheless, if you own a piece that is either a designer piece, an antiqueorjust auniquepiece in general, they might make a likable offer.

In the end, before making a search on google to sell old diamonds near me”, it is important to search for “How to determine the value of a diamond?”. And then you move on to the next step!

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