Top 3 Reasons for Selling Jewelry

More and more people decide to sell their jewelry online every year. The internet is revolutionising... 

Why Sell your Diamonds and Gold Jewelry?

More and more people decide to sell their jewelry online every year. The internet is revolutionising the trade in used diamonds and jewelry and is steadily taking the business out of the hands of old fashioned pawnbrokers. This is very good news for anybody who needs to sell their diamonds or gold.Jewelry has always functioned as a form of portable wealth that can be sold at need. For all the beauty of design and sentimental attachments, jewelry was originally bought as a form of insurance against bad times. If people needed to flee their homes or cross borders in a hurry, jewelry was an effective form of emergency currency. It would be easy to sell your diamonds or gold for hard cash, or even barter for services or offer as bribes.


Even in more stable times jewelry has been a fallback asset for a personal financial crisis. Countless people have pawned a watch or a ring, or made a fast sale to see them through a difficult patch. Pretty much every modern town has always had a  pawnbrokers or jeweler who buys second hand jewelry.

These days people in the know sell their diamonds and gold online. It’s a lot more convenient and you’re much more likely to be offered a fair price. Online merchants reckon that there are currently  three main types of people who want to sell: divorcees, people who’ve just inherited jewelry and people who are going through a difficult financial period.

Divorced Women Sell their Rings and Jewelry

Divorced women will usually choose to sell their engagement and wedding rings, and often other jewelry. They want to move on emotionally and make a clean break with the past. Very few women will feel comfortable about wearing a ring that their ex gave them when they start dating new men.

A quick financial boost also comes in very handy, with online jewelry buyers ready to pay cash for gold and diamonds. A few thousand dollars can come in very handy when you’re adjusting to life as a single woman.

The Recently Bereaved - Selling Inherited Jewelry

Many people who inherit jewelry collections quickly choose to sell them. This can sound unfeeling, but a single guy in his forties doesn’t have much use for his dead mother’s rings and necklaces. Keeping jewelry for sentimental reasons isn’t always a practical option. There’s also the added expense of insurance and the headache of finding a secure place to store the jewelry.

It’s often better to sell inherited rings and jewelry for cash. The money can be used for important things that the dead relatives would have approved of. Most grandparents would be happy to know that their jewelry is contributing to a grandchild’s education for example. Inherited jewelry is a family asset that can benefit everyone.

Sell Jewelry to get through a Financial Crisis

People who have lost their jobs or are going through a financial crisis will often make a decision to sell their jewelry. This can be a personal sacrifice, especially when rings and other items have sentimental value. It’s generally easier for single men who need cash to sell a rolex or a gold chain, than for a woman to part with her rings.

Although it can be a wrench to sell personal jewelry, most of it can be replaced when better times arrive. Selling  jewelry collection for cash can sometimes cover a vital payment on a house or a car. It can also avoid the necessity of trying to borrow money to cover unexpected expenses

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