5 Ways to Sell Your Engagement Ring

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Where has your engagement ring been in the last years? Whether you’re married for a long time or just got divorced, these are two great motives to sell a jewelry piece that no longer serves you any purpose. Do you feel like it’s the right moment to sell your engagement ring? Then, don’t keep it in your closet any longer and make some cash out of it.

But you’re not too sure how can you sell it… Well, that’s perfectly normal. don’t worry too much about it. In this article, we provide you with five alternative ways to sell your engagement ring. This way you can decide what’s the most suitable method for yourself and get things moving forward.

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1.   Pawnshops & Retail Jewelers

The old way of selling jewelry and diamonds still works perfectly well at the present time. Look for local pawnshops, gold buyers, and retail jewelers that might be interested in your engagement ring. Gather their valuations and then it’s rather easy.

You pick the one who offers you the best value and conditions. Keep in mind that this option might be quite time-consuming since you need to visit different stores several times.

2.   Online Diamond Buyers

If you don’t feel like visiting different stores to get qualified appraisers and offers, then go for online deals. The most obvious option here is to look for industry-leading brands that buy and sell engagement rings online.

Alternatively, you can always look for diamond buyers online. Just make sure they have enough credibility before you move forward with the deal. If you choose to sell your engagement ring online, you’ll probably save quite some money, effort and time.

3.   Online Jewelry & Fashion Sellers

If your engagement ring doesn’t contain diamonds at all, you can always rely on jewelry and fashion online sellers. There are plenty of local and global marketplaces that will allow you to list and sell your engagement ring online.

All you have to do is research well and go for the one that is more convenient for you and your selling preferences. Some great examples of jewelry and handmade marketplaces are ArtFire and Zibbet.

4.   General E-Commerce

Possible, the easiest way to reach the everyday jewelry customer is through the giant and global e-commerce marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. This option also presents a lot of control and commodity. After all, you can list the item yourself and follow the sales process.

The big advantage of using huge marketplaces is that you’ll be able to reach many more customers worldwide. Take in considerations the shipping fees and procedures when you’re selling to someone abroad.

5.   Local Marketplaces

Local marketplaces can offer you some versatility. Depending on what you choose, you might end up selling your engagement ring to someone living in your city. However, that includes added risks, you will need to set up a meeting and do the trade face-to-face.

On the other hand, you can always choose to avoid meeting and ship the item directly to the buyer’s address. Once the item is delivered, you get your payment on delivery. It’s the safest method for local trading.

Sell Your Engagement Ring With Us!

Are you still uncertain how will you sell your engagement ring? We can clarify your doubts and present you our working methods. You can get a free valuation for your engagement ring and receive an offer within 24h! Contact us now and let’s get started!

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