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Diamond Buyers

Diamond Buyers Diamond Buyers

Have you been holding onto a valuable piece of jewelry that you are not sure where to sell it in order to get the best price? Let iValue Lab, one of the top diamond buyers in the industry will offer you the best price that the market offers. We know that selling jewelry is a great option for you when someone is ready to part with treasures that you no longer wear.

There are multiple ways to sell earrings, bracelets or any other valuable gems. However, we listen to our customers and why they have chosen to work with iValue Lab instead of pawnshops, auction houses or private ads. Pawnshops are known for making low offers, auction houses could take months to sell your piece and private ads such as eBay could also mean you wait months for a sale.

The process

the process is quite simple and easy. It is all taken care of in four easy steps. First you will fill out the iValue Lab Appraisal form from the comfort of your home. Second, one of our account managers will contact you with an estimated buying offer from us, which you will probably accept. We will then cover the cost for insurance and courier services so that we can have the jewelry delivered to us securely. As diamond buyers, we are aware this is an expensive asset to you, and we know how important it is to protect your jewelry in transit.

Once the jewelry arrives, one of our gemologists will evaluate and appraise the item. We will then call and give our final offer. iValue Lab will then quickly draw up the sales agreement and documentation with the accepted offer amount. We will have payment to you in 24 hours with a variety of payment methods for you to choose. When working with professional diamond buyers, you don’t have to worry about slow payment or haggling over price. We want to make sure that you are happy with our services so that you recommend us to friends and family. We strive to offer top quality customer service every time.

iValue Lab has over 20 years of experience within the jewelry and diamond business

We have had an online presence since 2017. We have a lot of relationships within the international diamond market and many relationships that we can trust. The diamond buyers at iValue Lab are the exact people you want to be handling your very valuable asset. We not only appraise your jewelry, but we also will repair it if necessary and clean the ring, bracelet or earrings so they look their very best.

There is no pressure to sell your jewelry when working with iValue Lab. Our professional staff is here to make this big decision in your life a positive experience. Our diamond buyers understand that this piece of jewelry may have a lot of sentimental value to you. We want to make sure we can get you top dollar so that you can use all that money for a special purchase or possibly a trip that will create special memories.

contact us

Please call iValue Lab today so we can get started with this process. Our number is (646) 481-3998. We look forward to your call!

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