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sell jewelry

sell jewelry sell jewelry

A great way to honor someone who has given you a bracelet or ring, but you find you no longer wear it is to sell jewelry to someone who will appreciate this gift. iValue Lab will put money in your bank account that is always better than jewelry sitting in a box somewhere.

We are one of America’s leading independent purchasers of fine estate jewelry, directly connected with multiple international diamond markets. We have been involved with the diamond industry for more than 20 years and we have offered an online presence since early 2017. iValue Lab know how to purchase and sell jewelry. You can be assured you are in trusted hands with us!

Easy way to sell jewelry

Whatever your reason for selling jewelry may be. We work with professional gemologists that will clean and inspect your item with the most advanced gemological equipment available. Our pricing will be based by GIA’s grading standards so we can give you the best possible price.

iValue Lab follows a very simple process when you call us with jewelry or diamonds that you want to sell. We offer free collection of jewelry and insured shipping by FedEx. There is a rapid appraisal and an offer within 1 hour of receiving jewelry. We provide quick payments, with a choice of payment methods.

When you are looking to sell jewelry, you can be assured that our service is fully secured, and the entire process is documented and insured. iValue Lab offers professional customer service. We want this experience to be a positive one for you.

Our service also includes any jewelry repairs or cleaning that may be necessary when you are looking to sell jewelry. We at iValue Lab understand that this ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings could hold a lot of sentimental value. We strive to treat this experience with the respect it deserves.

iValue Lab is not a pawnbroker. Our customers have let us know that they do not want to haggle over price or receive a low price that feels like robbery. We are here to offer a very different experience so that you will want to work with us again in the future.

Contact us

If you have decided that now is the time to sell jewelry for whatever reason, we look forward to working with you soon. Our number is (646) 481-3998. iValue Lab are excited to get you a fair price for your diamonds and jewelry right away!

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