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Selling a diamond

Selling a diamond Selling a diamond

Society would have you believe that diamonds are forever and that it is much more than a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is often a symbol of a lifelong commitment or where you stand in society due to the size of the diamond. We at iValue Lab know differently.

We are here if you have decided that selling a diamond is what is best for you!

There is no reason to feel bad about selling a diamond, even though society has sometimes tried to convince us of that. It is in the diamond industries interests to make us feel that someone shouldn’t buy your engagement ring or precious stone. This way, you are always in the market for a new diamond. iValue Lab knows that sometimes it is in your best interest to sell and we are here to help.

The process

You will start the process by completing our Appraisal form. Then your account manager will contact you with an estimated buying offer. We cover all expenses for the courier service and insurance. We will have one of our expert gemologists evaluate and appraise as soon as we receive your jewelry. If you choose to accept our offer, a formal sales agreement will be drawn up and your money will be forwarded to you within 24 hours. iValue Lab makes this process as simple as possible!

We understand that even though a diamond may last forever, there are situations where this expensive gift was presented to you and it no longer represents its initial purpose. We at iValue Lab understand that selling a diamond or selling jewelry can help your current financial situation. You can trust us to bring you the best price that the market will bear.

our clients

We know that our clients do not want to be selling a diamond to a pawnbroker or by using Craigslist. They want the best price possible, not to be haggled or aggressively pushed to sell at a low price. They also don’t want to deal with endless strangers on Craigslist who they don’t know and are not sure of their legitimacy. iValue Lab takes away all the questionable business ethics in this situation and lets you know you are getting the best possible price.

You should know that the professionals at iValue Lab are one of America’s leading independent purchasers of fine estate jewelry. We are directly connected with multiple international diamond markets and have a history in the diamond industry that spans more than 20 years. We have had on online presence since 2017. We bring our expertise to the marketplace to serve all our customers which gives you the customer service you deserve.

We at iValue Lab will clean your jewelry, as well as make any repairs that may be necessary. We know that selling a diamond may be the first purchase with us but not the last. We strive to make this a very positive experience so that you come back to work with us again.

What are you waiting for? We at IValue Lab are waiting for your call to get this sale started.

Contact us

Please call us today at (646) 481-3998 and we will get you the best price for your precious stone right away. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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