Selling jewelry

Selling jewelry Selling jewelry

Sometimes our personal circumstances require that we make sacrifices that we don’t want to, such as selling jewelry that we have an emotional attachment to. iValue Lab is here to help you during this difficult time.

We offer a pleasant and worry-free experience when you are selling jewelry which is all you can ask for when you are trusting a company with your precious bracelets, earrings or necklaces. We understand that sometimes our customers are selling their engagement rings and wedding bands. Our goal is to make this experience as pain free as possible.

The process

The process takes four steps. You complete our Appraisal Form from the comfort of your home. The next step is our account manager will contact you with an estimated buying offer, which we think you will accept.

iValue Lab will then cover the cost of the courier and insurance that will deliver your jewelry to us. We then will have our expert gemologists appraise your jewelry and give you our final offer. We know selling jewelry can be scary and we are trying to remove that stress from the process.

To understand our company’s history, you should know that iValue Lab has been connected to multiple international diamond markets for over 20 years. We have offered an online presence since 2017. You are in good hands when you decide selling jewelry with us is what you want.

We offer decades of professionalism with the highest level of expertise and the best technology to appraise your diamonds. iValue Lab prides itself in offering the best level of customer service so that you can recommend us to others who may be selling jewelry just like you.

We guarantee to offer you the best market price for your fine jewelry. This will not be an uncomfortable experience like selling to a pawnbroker or dealing with a local jeweler that does not have our resources at their fingertips.

We also will accept fine timepieces, estate jewelry and so much more. iValue Lab can get the best price for any type of precious jewelry that you would like to sell. It is time to take that trip or pay off that outstanding bill that keeps you up at night. Selling jewelry is easy when you work with us!

So please don’t wait another minute. We are ready to start working for you right away. Please give us a call and we can get started offering you the best price that the market has to offer.

contact us

iValue Lab is here to make selling jewelry easy. Let’s get started right away. We look forward to working with you very soon!

Call us TODAY at 844-879-5543 and we will get started on your at-home



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