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Jewelry Buyers

Jewelry Buyers Jewelry Buyers

There are many reasons you may choose to sell your precious gems. You might be looking to take your abandoned jewelry and turning it into cash, or sell an item that you once loved, and using the money for a special trip or buying jewelry you will wear. Whatever the reason, reach out to the jewelry buyers at iValue Lab that will help you sell in a smart way.

We have received great reviews from our customers that will give you plenty of confidence when you choose to work with iValue Lab. The process will take two days, where you can send your jewelry in on one day and getting paid the very next day. It is that simple!

Our process

is done in four easy steps. Start from the comfort of your home and complete the Appraisal Form. Once completed, our account manager will reach out with an estimated offer that you will likely accept. We will then cover the cost of insurance and courier service to our laboratory where we begin the process. Once our expert in-house gemologists will evaluate and appraise your jewelry, we will contact you with our final offer.

If you choose to accept the final offer, the jewelry buyers at iValue Lab will draw up a formal sales agreement and as soon as documentation is completed, your money will be forwarded to you. It is that simple!

iValue Lab is one of America’s leading independent purchasers of fine estate jewelry and is directly connected with multiple international diamond markets. Our jewelry buyers have a history in the diamond industry that spans more than 20 years. We have offered an online business that began in 2017. We take our business seriously and demand the best from ourselves, in order to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

We understand that selling your jewelry may be a difficult decision for you. It may have many personal memories attached to this luxury bracelet, ring, necklace or earrings. Let us take the stress away and get you the top market price for this luxury item. The jewelry buyers at iValue Lab are here to make this transaction a positive experience.

Our customers have made it clear to us that they don’t want to be pressured at a pawnbrokers to sell our jewelry at a lower price than they deserve, or work with a local jeweler who may not have the expertise to sell at the highest price available. That is why they were so happy to work with the expert jewelry buyers at iValue Lab.

We are waiting to hear from you to get this process started right away. iValue Lab offers a pressure free business transaction, where you can choose to walk away if you are not happy with our final price.

Contact us

Give us a call today at (646) 481-3998 and we will make this the experience the one that you were hoping for. We look forward to working with you soon!

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